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Welcome to my home built on art, happiness, and shenanigans. Now I will accept either an iced coffee or Copic Markers as entrance fee.

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My name is Wenting Sun. I was born and raised in the city of Jining in China, home of Confucius. In 2010 I moved to Jackson, NJ, home of Six Flags Great Adventure. I currently study chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, and hope to pursue a career in pharmaceuticals or biotechnology. This is a website about everything else that I do!

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Pugs, dogs in general, art supplies, coffee, Mother Nature Awesomeness!, the Office, Equality, compassion


Watercolor, pen & ink, modern calligraphy, guitar, ukulele, photography, reading, biking, hiking, browsing H&M website, eating fries


I am inherently aversive to change, but I try to challenge myself to try new things. This year, I am picking up calligraphy and photography.


Is Game of Thrones the best television show on air or what.



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